Lively is Making it Simpler to Buy a Home in Ireland

Lively was created as a passion project to help buyers through the complicated and often overwhelming process of buying a home. The Lively app will hold your hand, from helping you figure out how much you can borrow to getting your keys.

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The Best Mortgage Calculator Out There

Today's mortgage calculators ask you for some quick information about your finances followed by an unexplainable calculation or, worse yet, demand your contact information so a salesperson can get in touch.

We set out to build the best mortgage calculator on the planet to give you quick insights and help you understand how a lender evaluates your finances.

Everything You Need

  • Personalised insights based on your finances.
  • Learn how to increase your maximum mortgage and monthly repayment.
  • Determine if you might be eligible for a borrowing exception.

Always Know What's Next

Our step by step guide on how to buy a home in Ireland carefully walks you through the process and keeps track of your progress so that you can rest easy knowing you're on top of things.

Our app will guide you through:

  • How a Lender Evaluates Your Finances
  • Applying for Mortgage Approval
  • Bidding on a Property
  • What's Required After You Go 'Sale Agreed'
  • And Much More!

Save Thousands of Euro

Did you know that just a 1% increase in your interest rate can cost you tens of thousands of Euro in extra interest paid to your lender? Never miss a rate that could save you a fortune with our quick and easy live view of Irish mortgage rates.

Build Your Homebuying Dream Team

Finding a good surveyor, solicitor or mortgage broker is tough! That's why we scoured the country to find you the best of the best to make sure your homebuying journey goes as smoothly as possible.

  • Choose from a selection a highly reviewed and cost effective experts.
  • Get into your home faster with a team dedicated to getting your purchase over the line ASAP.
  • Every one of our partners is renowned for communication so you'll never be left on read.

Great Mortgage Brokers

Make your life easier and save thousands with a broker that will guide you through your mortgage application and get you the best rate on the market.

Excellent Solicitors

A good solicitor can get you into your new home weeks quicker than a bad one! Find a solicitor with a great track record and that won't leave you on read for weeks.

Fantastic Surveyors

Buying a house is the largest purchase of your life. Move in with confidence by hiring one of our partner surveyors for your Snag List or Pre-Purchase Survey.

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Life Saver


It really simplified the process and made each step clear and less daunting.


Lots of mortgage info I never knew, and the live bank interest rates is a nice feature. Very helpful for first time buyers!


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